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OBSOLETE AT FACTORY - 54500 Large Inner Tie Rod Tool

SKU: 54500
UPC: 083045545002
HS Code: 8205599080
Shipping Weight: 3.40 lbs
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Works On Inner Tie Rods With Inaccessible Wrench Flats On Many Trucks and SUVs.

The long socket slips over tie rod end and crows foot engages on socket for easy removal and installation. This tool comes with five crows feet, sizes 1-7/16", 33.6mm, 38.4mm, 40mm crow foot for GM, and 42mm, to fit many Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Chevrolet truck and SUV applications. Also fits some Cadillac Escalade, Hummer H2, Honda Passport and Jeep Liberty applications. Tube will be painted grey to distinguish it from the standard Inner Tie Rod Tool.

Available Individually:

Part Number Description
54510 Tube Assembly Large
54550 Retainer Large
54560 33.6mm Large Crowfoot
54570 1-7/16" Large Crowfoot
54580 38.4mm Large Crowfoot
54590 42mm Large Crowfoot
54490 40mm Large Crowfoot




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