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67000 Master Line Stopper Set

67000 main
SKU: 67000
UPC: 083045670001
HS Code: 8203206030
Shipping Weight: 2.20 lbs
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Coverage for Internal and External Lines on Many Types of Vehicles.

The set includes four stoppers to seal lines in automotive flare type steel brake lines, power steering and transmission cooler lines. Two line clamp pliers 6-1/4" and 7-1/4" in length seal flexible brake lines, fuel and vacuum lines, with smooth rounded edges that will not damage internal hose reinforcement. Made of light weight and highly visible, fluid resistant nylon reinforced plastic. Eight stoppers and four caps are made of highly visible, flexible plastic and used for plugging vacuum and fuel lines during engine tune-ups. Stepped design can be used for both internal and external stoppage. Stopper sizes from 1/8" through 1/2". Caps are 5/8" and 3/4" for larger lines.

Available individually:

Part Number Description
67030 Line Stopper 1/8" 
67040 Line Stopper 3/16'-1/4" 
67050 Line Stopper 5/16'-3/8" 
67060 Line Stopper 7/16'-1/2" 
67070 Line Stopper Cap- 5/8" 
67080 Line Stopper Cap- 3/4" 
67090 Brake & Fuel Line Clamp 6 1/4"
67100 Brake & Fuel Line Clamp 7 1/4"
67110 Steel Line Stopper 1/4"
67120 Steel Line Stopper 5/16"
67130 Steel Line Stopper 3/8" Banjo
67140 Steel Line Stopper 3/8"
67010 Case for 67000




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