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SS101#8 PARTS BRUSH™ Straight Shooter #8 Flow-Thru Brush with Valve
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Flow-thru washer brush with valve

Similar to our popular ORIFLO® flow-thru washer brush, but with a shutoff valve to control solvent flow through the bristle head.  Designed for industrial parts washers with solvent circulating pumps.  Bullet-shaped tip resists mushrooming.  Shutoff valve to control solvent flow.  Durable, injection molded handle with ribbed design for firm grip.  Long-lasting, stiff Trialoy® polyester filament can be used in either petroleum- or water-based cleaning solutions

Filament:  Trialoy® tapered polyester

Tubing to connect to solvent circulating system available.  Tubing sold separately.

Note:  Valve may not operate properly at pressures above 30 psi.

This item is sold in bulk only of 100 or more.  To purchase, please contact The Parts Brush Division of Lisle Corporation. To purchase individual Lisle brushes please CLICK HERE

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