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72070 Power Steering EVAC Kit

SKU: 72070
UPC: 083045720706
HS Code: 8205595560
Shipping Weight: 3.38 lbs
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Used to evacuate air from the power steering system after service work has been completed.

Includes large tapered stopper, small tapered stopper, graduated catch can, two lids, tubing and three brake bleeder adapters. Use with vacuum pump. Can also be used on clutch reservoirs and brakes.

Sold Individually:

Part Number Description
72080 Case for 72070
72090 Canister
72100 Big Stopper
72110 Tapered Stopper
72120 Long Clear Tube
72130 Short Clear Tube
72140 Lid with Inlets
72150 Lid Solid
72160 O-Ring for Lid
72170 Small Brake Bleeder
72180 Medium Brake Bleeder
72190 Large Brake Bleeder



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