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60530 Small Fastener Remover

SKU: 60530
UPC: 083045605300
HS Code: 8207909089
Shipping Weight: 0.81 lbs
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For Use with a Pneumatic Impact Tool to Loosen Rusted or Seized Fasteners.

A 3/4" open end wrench can be used to turn the socket while impacting the fastener. A locking pin in the driver keeps the bit holder in place on the square drive for safe operation. The bit holder can be removed from the driver by depressing the pin. Works faster than hand impact tools. Especially useful for removing brake rotor screws. The tool works with 5/16" hex impact bits. Kit includes Phillips #1, #2, #3, #4 and a straight slot bit.   

Available individually:

Part Number Description
60540 Pneumatic Seized Fastener Driver
60550 Bit Adapter Holder
29630 #1 Phillips Bit
30180 #2 Phillips Bit
29550 #3 Phillips Bit
30190 #4 Phillips Bit
30170 3/8" Straight Slot Bit




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