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57030 Swivel Gripper - No Slip Filter Wrench - Standard

SKU: 57030
UPC: 083045570301
HS Code: 7326909099
Shipping Weight: 0.81 lbs
Average 5 stars out of 5 rating

3.5 - 3.875 (88.9 - 98.4mm) Range. Fits most popular 3.625" standard filters.

Tough, stainless steel band with permanently bonded textured coating for superior gripping power...won't slip. Swivel handle makes it easy to turn in tight spots. Handle swivels more than 180° with adjustable tension. Tension adjusting nut allows swivel pressure to be more floppy filter wrenches. Coating process adds many additional gripping points to securely grab the filter. Specially designed tab keeps grip from sliding off the handle.

Patent: 8,573,094



5 stars out of 5 rating
love these swivel-gripper filter wrenches.
over the last 40++years have busted, scrapped, bled & cussedmany different kinds/styles of filter wrenches.

these are by far the best no worry wrenches i have ever seen or used.


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