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41400 Stepped Pickle Fork Kit

SKU: 41400
UPC: 083045414001
HS Code: 8205599080
Shipping Weight: 3.81 lbs
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Step Design Helps Keep Tool from Bouncing Back When Separating Ball Joints, Steering Dampeners, Tie Rods, Pitman Arms and Other Applications.

Six tools in one. Three forks and two handles. Forks are threaded to interchange with either handle. One handle for hammering; one for use with an air hammer (.401shank). Forks are heavy-duty heat-treated, alloy steel forgings. Steps can be resharpened if needed.

Available Individually:

Part Number Description
41410 1-1/8" Stepped Fork
41420 11/16" Stepped Fork
41430 15/16" Stepped Fork
41510 Handle
41520 Pneumatic Driver



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