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49100 T-Handle Single Spring Brake Tool

SKU: 49100
UPC: 083045491002
HS Code: 82057090000
Shipping Weight: 1.10 lbs
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Quickly and Easily Release Tension on the Spring that Holds the Shoes Together on GM Vehicles Equipped with Drum Brakes.

No more struggling with the dreaded W spring that holds the brake shoes together when working on GM drum brakes. The 49100 makes quick work of the time consuming, challenging, and often dangerous job of removing and installing the W spring on GM drum brake applications when servicing the drum brakes. The rugged, professional grade, 49100 uses the integrated hook to grab onto the W spring while the tool tip is used as a fulcrum to pry the spring free. This setup free tool allows for substantial time savings, simply place the tip of the tool on the outside of the spring and rotate.

Releases tension on both large and small GM single spring brakes during servicing. Many GM brakes use a heavy single spring. The 49100 engages the spring and quickly releases the spring tension. The brake can then be disassembled to replace brake shoes, emergency brake cable or service the brake cylinder. Also works on older C & H body vehicles with single brake springs.


Smaller Spring: 1991 to current GM H Body, 1992 to current GM C & H Body, Bonneville, LaSabre, Buick Electra, Delta 88, Olds 88, 1995 to current Chevrolet Lumina & Monte Carlo, Cadillac Fleetwood, Cadillac DeVille, Chevrolet Lumina APV, Pontiac Trans Sport, Olds Silhouette

Larger Spring: 2005 to current Chevrolet Silverado, 2004 to current Chevrolet Colorado Including 2007 Models

Available Individually:

#49140 Replacement Hook & Bolts

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