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70940 Tap Socket Set

SKU: 70940
UPC: 083045709404
Shipping Weight: 1.30 lbs
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Three Larger Sizes in a Convenient Set.

The three largest tap sockets, also available individually, are now packaged in a three piece set. Ideal for use where a T handle won't fit, especially in restricted areas. For larger, fractional M.C.T.I. standard taps. #9 socket is 5/8" (16mm), #10 is for 11/16" (18mm) and #11 is for 3/4". Sockets contained in a vinyl holder. Use with a 1/2" square drive. 

Available Individually:

Lisle No. Socket Fits In. Fits Metric Shank Dia.  Sq. Size
70860 Socket #9 5/8" 16mm .480 .360
70880 Socket #10 11/16" 18mm .542 .406
70900 Socket #11 3/4" --------- .590


70970 Vinyl Holder        



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