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81000 Torx Plus Bit Set, 9 pc.

SKU: 81000
Suggested Retail: $45.40
UPC: 083045810001
HS Code: 8204200010
Shipping Weight: 0.69 lbs

Nine of the Most Popular Torx Plus® Sizes for Automotive Applications. 

Some common Torx Plus applications include GM transmission bell housing bolts, Ford seat belt anchors and Ford pick-up bed bolts. Torx Plus drivers will not fit standard Torx fasteners. Standard Torx drivers will fit Torx Plus fasteners, but not to full torque because of the loose fit, and are not recommended. Set includes: TP-10, TP-15, TP-20, TP-25, TP-27, TP-30, TP-40, TP-45 and TP-50. Six smaller bits are 1/4" drive and three larger bits are 3/8" drive. Vinyl holder for storage included. All bits plus TP-55 and TP-60 are available individually.

Part Number Description
81010 TP10 Torx Plus BIt
81020 TP15 Torx Plus BIt
81030 TP20 Torx Plus BIt
81040 TP25 Torx Plus BIt
81050 TP27 Torx Plus BIt
81060 TP30 Torx Plus BIt
81070 TP40 Torx Plus BIt
81080 TP45 Torx Plus BIt
81090 TP50 Torx Plus BIt


Available individually:

Part Number Description
81100 TP55 Torx Plus BIt
81110 TP60 Torx Plus BIt



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