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81000 Torx Plus® Bit Set, 9 pc.

SKU: 81000
UPC: 083045810001
HS Code: 8204200010
Shipping Weight: 0.69 lbs
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Nine of the Most Popular Torx Plus® Sizes for Automotive Applications. 

Some common Torx Plus® applications include GM transmission bell housing bolts, Ford seat belt anchors and Ford pick-up bed bolts. Torx Plus® drivers will not fit standard Torx® fasteners. Standard Torx® drivers will fit Torx Plus® fasteners, but not to full torque because of the loose fit, and are not recommended. Set includes: TP-10, TP-15, TP-20, TP-25, TP-27, TP-30, TP-40, TP-45 and TP-50. Six smaller bits are 1/4" drive and three larger bits are 3/8" drive. Vinyl holder for storage included. All bits plus TP-55 and TP-60 are available individually.

Part Number Description
81010 TP-10 Torx Plus® Bit
81020 TP-15 Torx Plus® Bit
81030 TP-20 Torx Plus® Bit
81040 TP-25 Torx Plus® Bit
81050 TP-27 Torx Plus® Bit
81060 TP-30 Torx Plus® Bit
81070 TP-40 Torx Plus® Bit
81080 TP-45 Torx Plus® Bit
81090 TP-50 Torx Plus® Bit
81120 Vinyl Holder


Available individually:

Part Number Description
81100 TP-55 Torx Plus® Bit
81110 TP-60 Torx Plus® Bit



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