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61850 Truck Hub Seal Installer Kit, 5pc

SKU: 61850
Suggested Retail: $324.45
UPC: 083045618508
HS Code: 8205599010
Shipping Weight: 9.81 lbs

Fits the Most Popular Sizes for Class 7 and Class 8 Over the Road Trucks and Trailers and Some Medium Duty Trucks.

The driver is designed to hold the seals to make installation easier. Includes five drivers and handle extension for extra reach for driving seals on hubs with deep brake drums without removing the drums.

Sold Individually:

Part Number Description
61700  4-13/16" Seal Driver
61710  6-5/16" Seal Driver
61720  5-31/32" Seal Driver
61730  5-11/16" Seal Driver
61740  6" Seal Driver
61990  Case for 61850
59520  Nut
59530  Extension
59540  Handle
12830 Washer





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