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92132 2" Pop-in Wheel for Plastic Creepers

SKU: 92132
Suggested Retail: $5.65
UPC: 083045921325
Shipping Weight: 0.40 lbs
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Pop-in Wheel for Plastic Creepers.

2" Urethane wheel resists corrosion. Metal compression ring holds wheel stem in groove, yet pulls free when pressure is applied. Specifications: Wheel, 2" dia. Overall Height, 2 3/4" Rated between 250- 300lbs

Available Individually:

Part Number Description
92132 Pop-in Wheel for Plastic Creeper
96412 Headrest


Wheels and headrests are not covered by warranty since they are consumable/wear items.

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Are the wheels covered under warranty?

Wheels are not covered under warranty since they are a consumable/wear item. 

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