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93102 Low Profile Plastic Creeper (Yellow)

SKU: 93102
Suggested Retail: $113.25
UPC: 083045931027
HS Code: 8716801000
Shipping Weight: 11.50 lbs
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Introducing New, Improved Plastic Creepers.

This body-fitting design was developed through testing on many body types to provide optimum comfort. Creeper body is 2" longer for a better fit. Urethane rollers are inserted into steel bushings which are molded into the creeper body. Provides added strength and easy roller replacement. Low profile, 7/8" floor clearance. Easy to clean surface is resistant to solvents, greases and fuels. Dimensions: Length 38", Width 17 1/2", Height 4". Rated for between 250 -300lbs.

Available in six other colors:

Part Number Description
92102 Red Creeper
94102 Blue Creeper
97102 Black Creeper
93602 Pink Creeper
93202 Neon Orange Creeper
99102 Neon Green Creeper
92132 2" Pop-in Wheel
96412 Replacement Headrest


Lisle Plastic Creepers have a Limited Lifetime Warranty that does not cover abuse or unintended use of the product. Wheels and headrests are not covered by warranty since they are consumable/wear items. An example of a potential warranty would be if the seam on the body of the creeper splits from normal use. We do not warranty creepers that have been used to move heavy parts like a transmission or loads over 300 lbs. Initial defects of any part of the creeper are covered by warranty if the creeper has not been used.


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