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19202 Low Profile Truck Oil Drain with Lid

SKU: 19202
UPC: 083045192022
HS Code: 3923909090
Shipping Weight: 49.00 lbs
Length: 0.00 inches
Width:  0.00 inches
Height: 0.00 inches
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Use this heavy-duty drain to drain large capacity crank cases or radiator systems.

Holds 60 quarts. Equipped with 4 rollers and a handle for transport and positioning under trucks.  Cover and curved side design help keep fluids from spilling during movement.  Convenient handles and pour spout facilitate fluid evacuation.  Rolls under most cab over axles so oil can be changed without jacks or jack stands. Overall height 7-1/2", width 32-1/4", length 49"

Patent: 6,874,549


Part Number Description
19332 Pump Assembly Kit- OBSOLETE AT FACTORY
19182 Cap
19192 Truck Drain Cover


**The #19332 Oil Pump Assembly Kits can only be used on the old drains that had the inserts and drain tube port for mounting the pump kit. They will not work on new #19202 Truck drains.**

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Can I buy a new screw on cap?

Yes, Part #19182 Cap 

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